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Delaware Valley Ladies and Gentlemen Society

Preserving the 19th Century in the 21st

17 January
Nestled in an 1850's mill housing row home with my fiance near the banks of the Delaware River, is where I find my greatest comforts. I like snuggling up in bed with hot tea and possibly a good movie (period usually) and listening to my music collection most often. You can often find me doing research on, recreating (atleast planning to), and collecting Victorian period antique clothing, accessories, and ephemera.
When the weather permits, I find it is most pleasant to promenade in lovely clothes when we have fine weather and take in some fresh air, that includes taking on generally light travel. As fun as it may be to get away every now and then and see wonderful things and places, it's always nicer to come back to one's own home where all the treasures of our lives are kept.
Currently I've removed myself from the working classes to become again, a full-time university student at Temple, working towards a degree in Art Ed. My future goal is to get a masters in costume conservation so that I may make a career out of doing what I enjoy best, playing with/studying antique clothing!
Hopefully when that day comes I'll have my dream Victorian home to use as an engine for my newborn club, the Delaware Valley Ladies and Gentlemen Sociey; then I can spend my days pouring out tea in a proper dining room, hosting garden parties, and having room to properly store and display my treasures while my lovely little animal-creatures keep me company.